About Us.

Headquartered in Conway, South Carolina, B3C Fuel Solutions LLC is a complete fuel solutions company that manufactures an environmentally friendly family of unique products and solutions for ethanol and bio-diesel blended fuel (bio-fuel) related problems. 
B3C were one of the first companies to identify bio-fuel problems as a result of the Clean Air Act Amendments from the early nineties in 39 major US cities. Our product range has evolved to test, fix and protect engines from the harmful effects of increased Ethanol and bio-diesel in blended fuel.
In November 2005 the UK Government announced it would introduce a Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) - a long term mechanism requiring transport fuel suppliers to ensure a set percentage of their sales are from a renewable sourceOver the past decade this policy has resulted in an ethanol content of between E-5, (5% ethanol) and E-10, (10% ethanol), now being present in most petrol throughout the UK. Motorists filling up with diesel at service stations up and down the country now buy fuel which contains up to 7%, (B-7), bio-diesel.
Concerns heard from consumers, dealers and manufacturers are what inspired the creation of the only complete fuel solution company for today’s modern fuels. B3C were among the first to solve multiple ethanol related problems by utilising the company’s unique chemical technology.
Most dealers, service centres and retailers have a hard time explaining exactly how ethanol causes the problems that consumers see in the form of poor running machinery and/or an expensive repair bill. Just fixing the problem currently being experienced is not the answer! Our mission is to help educate people on how ethanol causes these problems, and then provide them with a means to TEST the condition of their fuel, help FIX the problem being experienced , and PREVENT further reoccurrences.

With the continued changes to the composition of fuels, you can be assured that the labs at B3C will continue to develop industry leading products, maintaining the company’s position as world leader in the field of environmentally friendly fuel solutions.

B3C is imported and distributed in Europe by AL-KO Gardentech UK Ltd in Somerset, UK.