B3C Diesel Tank Snake - 5ft X 2"

This in tank water extractor will help to protect your valuable diesel fuel from decay and in-turn protect the fuel system of your machinery.

PREVENT  future engine problems with Diesel Tank Snake
SUITABLE  for diesel tanks / containers
QUICK  and easy to use
PROTECTS  the fuel system by continuously removing water

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DIESEL TANK SNAKES are part of the multi award winning family of fuel solution products from B3C. This product range is scientifically engineered to provide a quick, easy, and effective means to TEST - FIX - PREVENT the problems associated with modern day fuels.

Most diesel fuel related issue originate from water contamination. You can help fix these quickly and effectively by using a Diesel Tank Snake. This in tank water extractor will help to protect your valuable diesel fuel from decay and in-turn protect the fuel system of your machinery.

This breakthrough technology protects your system by continuously removing water, preventing formation of sludge deposits, bacteria, and fungus; all known causes of filter blockages; and injectors and fuel pump problems.
B3C’s Diesel Tank Snakes also feature a Neodymium magnet which serves to attract free floating rust particles to it; these can then simply be brushed off once the snake is removed to the tank for checking, draining or replacing.
Diesel Tank Snakes are Re-useable up to 10 times; they can also be left in tank over long periods for season-long protection. Manufactured in the U.S.A using non-hazardous, non-toxic materials allows for easy disposal.

Proper tank snake size selection is key to properly maintaining your Diesel fuel tank. Whether it is for a truck, backup generator, or storage tank, be sure to measure the tank length. Choose a snake that will be shorter than the tank itself. Snakes over 7 feet in length will need at least 1 foot of clearance at each end; but don‘t skimp on the length, too short a snake in too big a tank will not produce good results.
Installation is simple - Just attach the tether to the eyelet in the end of the Snake then lower it into the tank; ensuring that the snake is positioned length ways across the floor of the tank, (thus ensuring optimum coverage), then attach the remaining end of the tether to secure point, such as the filler neck, or tank cap chain, this will allow to facilitate easy removal of the Tank Snake from the fuel tank.
To ensure that your fuel and storage system is always protected, check the snake periodically. Once saturated; either drain or replace as required. 

PACK QTY: 1 Snake, 5ft X 2"