B3C Gas Tank Shield - Single Pack

Drop in the fuel can / tank to prevent fuel related issues

PREVENT future engine problems with Gas Tank Shield
SUITABLE for both neat or mixed petrol
QUICK  and easy to use
REMOVES water attracted by the ethanol found in modern fuel

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GAS TANK SHEILD is part of the multi award winning family of fuel solution products from B3C. This product range is scientifically engineered to provide a quick, easy, and effective means to TEST - FIX - PREVENT the problems associated with modern day fuels. 

Prevent future engine problems with Gas Tank Shield. Suitable for both neat or mixed petrol, Gas Tank Shield stabilises the fuel and the removes water attracted by the ethanol found in modern fuel. 
Gas Tank Shield features Fuel Life Technology. Fuel Life is B3C Fuel Solutions proprietary nano-pore reactive molecular sieve. Fuel Life removes the compounds in the fuel that promote fuel decay, once removed the fuel can no longer decay under normal conditions.      

Step 1: Open package and insert Gas Tank Shield into the fuel container/tank. (Once opened, do not expose Gas Tank Shield to air for longer than 10 minutes).
Step 2: Leave in the fuel container/tank for up to 10 tankfuls of fuel, or replace once a year (whichever comes first).
Gas Tank Shield can be used in 5-25 litre cans. It’s re-useable up to 10 times, or for 1 year.  

NOTE:  For the ultimate protection use in conjunction with Ethanol Shield.   

PACK QTY: 1 Shield